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    Advances in Dentistry that Benefit You

    Advances in Dentistry

    Effective dentistry leverages expert skills and state-of-the-art dental technology to help you obtain and maintain lasting results. Innovative technology not only makes your treatments more accurate and effective, but also faster and more effective. Consider the following ways dental advancements can make-over your smile and your dental experience.

    High-Tech Digital X-Rays

    Digital X-rays are replacing traditional x-rays because of their ease of use, improved views, digital storage, and faster imaging speeds. They also expose patients to less radiation

    Digital x-rays begin with the insertion of an electronic sensor into the patient’s mouth which captures the image for the technician. The image is then sent, through a digital scan,to a computer for viewing, storing, and recalling later for monitoring dental health over time.

    Laser Dentistry

    Lasers have made great changes to dentistry in recent years. laser tissue treatment is extremely versatile and can be used to:

    • Painlessly remove soft tissue folds created by ill-fitting dentures
    • Painlessly remove benign tumors inside the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, palate, and lips
    • Treat cold sores, eliminating pain and speeding up healing
    • Accelerate the teeth whitening process
    • Conduct regular and deep cleanings (scaling and root planing), remove tartar
    • Treat TMJ (Thermomandibular Joint Syndrome): cold lasers help control tooth sensitivity, inflammation, and TMJ pain.
    • Treat hot/cold sensitivity by sealing the tubules at the root of the tooth
    • Find subsurface cavities that elude X-rays and traditional probing tools
    • Disinfect the cavity of a tooth prior to filling
    • Recontour gum and bone tissue to expose healthier tooth structure, establishing a stronger foundational tooth restoration placement (crown lengthening)
    • Fix a gummy smile
    • Correct limited tongue movement in children and babies
    • Repair speech impediments caused by the tongue


    Same-Day Dentistry with CEREC Technology

    Technological advancements in the field of dentistry now make tooth restoration easier, more convenient and more accurate. On-site creation of natural-looking ceramic crowns can now be offered to you in a single visit.

    Other benefits of on-site ceramic crowns include:

    • Cameras capture your full dentition in seconds and then transfer them to the computer allowing you to forego the messing impressions of the past. Now an exact replica of your teeth is fabricated, digitally, in no time at all!
    • No temporary crowns
    • Only one appointment is necessary, which means only one injection, and then you can deal with other things than visits to the dentist.
    • Long-term stability
    • Looks and functions like a real tooth


    Improved Veneers

    Veneers can transform a smile suffering from chips, uneven gaps and staining. Using a very thin layer of porcelain cemented to the surface of the tooth, you can achieve the smooth white finish you’ve always wanted.

    Advanced Filling and Bonding Materials

    The bonding material used in today’s dental office is a resin (plastic), which provides more cosmetic shine with a sturdier substance than that of before. Bonding material is carefully applied to match your tooth’s natural color so no one can see that any restoration work has been done.

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that were first developed half a century ago by a Swedish scientist named Per-Ingvar Branemark. Implants arose from the patient’s need to secure loose-fitting dentures. Since the advent of the implant, engineering and enhancements to the implant have enabled dentists to expand the implant’s usefulness, including the replacement of missing or lost teeth. Today, implant techniques provide a wide range of tooth replacement solutions including:

    • Single Tooth Replacement
    • Anterior Replacement
    • Posterior Replacement
    • Full Upper Replacement


    Now, the typical life of an implant is about 15 years or longer. About 95% of implants today are successful, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.


    Modernized Gum Disease Treatments

    Gum disease treatments have been broadened over the years to encompass more regenerative procedures. While removing bacteria and eliminating pockets are still essential parts of fighting the war against gum disease, now lasers, membranes, bone grafts, or proteins are used to stimulate tissue growth and regenerate bone and tissue to combat the gum disease.

    Advances in dentistry offer you more services and treatments than ever before to improve your smile and your dental health. Please call us at (720) 409-0008 if you have any questions or to set up an appointment for a dental exam.

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