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    Dental Products Might Be the Best Christmas Gifts For the People on Your List

    Dental Products Might Be the Best Christmas Gifts For the People on Your List

    Are you looking for just the right gift for people on your shopping list? Dental health products are perfect for gift-giving! Oftentimes the gifts we receive end up in the donations box long before the next holiday. Dental products, such as an electric toothbrush, a Waterpik or Electric Flosser are gifts that keep on giving. 

    Brushing and flossing doesn’t just brighten your smile and freshen your breath, it can also keep you healthy and increase your lifespan. Keeping your teeth clean can actually lower your risk of contracting diabetes, heart disease, or even having a stroke, which makes dental health products the perfect choice for gift-giving.

    Dental Health Products Keep on Giving Every Day of the Year

    Following are some suggestions for great Christmas gift ideas:

    An Electric Toothbrush

    There are numerous electric toothbrushes on the market. All of them will work well, but if you are looking for specific qualities, the Buyers Guide provides a list of the top 10 electric toothbrushes for 2020.

    Electric toothbrushes are great gifts for children too. If you’re having a hard time getting kids to brush their teeth, there’s an app for that. Several electric toothbrushes are equipped with wireless technology to give feedback on your child’s brushing habits. You’ll know if they’re brushing too hard, if they’ve brushed long enough and even if their brushing habits have improved.

    WaterPik or Electric Flosser

    Flossing is one of the oral health regimens that people don’t do often enough. Some people resist manually flossing between your teeth by hand. If you don’t floss, you’re at risk of gingivitis, and cavities forming between your teeth.

    Water flossing is superior to hand flossing because you can’t damage your gums and they clean better than traditional flossing does. There is a large variety of water flossing machines to choose from, but be sure you find one that is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

    Stocking Stuffers to Inspire Good Oral Health

    Besides an electric toothbrush or Waterpik, there are other “fun” options for dental-friendly gifts for children that can get them excited about taking care of their teeth.

    • Children would likely look forward to brushing their teeth if they got a toothbrush that plays music or the lights up as the perfect stocking stuffer.
    • Minty adult toothpaste doesn’t work for children. Toothpaste designed for children might even make them WANT to brush their teeth.
    • A year’s worth of manual toothbrushes with soft bristles would be a nice gift in their stocking. (The ADA recommends a new toothbrush every 3 months).
    • When it comes to treats in those stockings, choose chocolate candy over sticky candies and sugar-free gum over other sugary treats.
    • An orange in the toe of the stocking is a long-time holiday tradition that helps maintain good oral health.


    All I Want For Christmas is a Good Dentist!

    We have offered several different oral care gift ideas to be enjoyed all year round. A truly effective oral health routine begins with the right equipment AND a good dentist. It’s up to you to maintain your oral health in between routine dental check-ups with Dr. Angela S. Evanson, DDS. 

    Dr. Evanson is committed to helping your whole family with their dental needs. Please call 720-409-0008 for an appointment or contact us online. Her office is located in Parker, Colorado, which is convenient to those in the surrounding communities of Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Castle Rock and Lone Tree. 

    It’s always satisfying to be able to buy just the right gift for your loved ones and you can’t go wrong with dental health products! They are perfect for everyone on your list!

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