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    Easy Ways to Improve Your Smile

    A beautiful blonde-brown woman that is smiling at the camera outside in the winter. She has a beautiful smile.

    Want a better smile this year? There are easy ways to do that, and they don’t take a lot of your time. One of the easiest ways is to invest in a teeth-whitening appointment, which can help lighten the teeth to a beautiful white shade. But what if you have tooth decay or oral health problems? Dental crowns, dental fillings and other restorative dentistry options can help get you a beautiful smile as well.


    Cosmetic Dentistry to Improve Your Smile

    Want to improve your smile? See a dentist! Dental professionals have specifically trained for 8-10 (or more) years of their life solely to make your smile healthier and more beautiful. General dentistry is focused on improving the health of your smile, while helping to prevent and treat oral health diseases. But, what if your smile is already healthy? You can then set goals to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry services. Most people want a healthy smile. Even more people want a smile that is beautiful and white, but they aren’t quite sure how to get it.


    Cosmetic dentistry is an area devoted to perfecting the look of your smile. Is your smile white? Is it straight? Do you have damage from decay, staining or do you have small imperfections? Cosmetic dentistry can help fix those imperfections. These are services that help make a smile more even, whiter, and perfect for your face. Some of the most popular services to improve your smile are teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.


    A close-up view of a mouth that has yellow teeth before teeth whitening and then newly-whitened teeth.

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and affordable ways to improve your smile. Most people want whiter, more beautiful teeth, and you can actually get that in one office visit. If you don’t see whiter teeth after using “whitening” toothpaste, it’s not your imagination. Many whitening toothpastes simply brush plaque and food particles off your teeth, which can “whiten” them. However, you need specific substances to actually whiten your teeth, such as hydrogen peroxide.


    Using this and other in-office treatments with dental lights and specially-formulated dental gels, we can whiten your teeth in one visit. This is quicker than any other method out there and your teeth can be white for up to 7 years with good oral care. White teeth are an indication of good health and oral hygiene, and a better smile can improve social life and confidence. For just one office visit, it’s definitely worth it to improve your smile if you can with teeth whitening.


    Porcelain Veneers

    How do celebrities get such straight, beautiful smiles, seemingly overnight? You can thank cosmetic dentistry for that transformation, specifically porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are a great way to improve your smile without having to have 18-24 months of orthodontic treatment. Dental veneers may also be a good option for you if your tooth surfaces are damaged or badly stained. You may want a beautiful smile, but you don’t have the money for orthodontic treatment, nor the time. For reasons such as these, veneers were created to change your smile aesthetically in a short amount of time.


    With this service, we take impressions of your teeth and get an idea of the smile you are wanting. Porcelain veneers are custom-made tooth shells that go over your natural teeth. They are made of porcelain and can come in 18 different shades depending on your current smile and the smile you want. Once impressions are made of your teeth, custom-made shells are created in a lab for your smile. In one appointment, we shave off the very top layer of your natural tooth. A very thin layer of porcelain is then cemented permanently to the surface of your tooth. This creates a smooth, pearly-white finish.


    Patients can leave the office and have the ability to eat and drink right away. This cosmetic service can improve your smile and can fix problems such as:

    • Misshapen teeth
    • Spacing or gaps in your teeth
    • Wear and unevenness in the teeth due to grinding
    • Discoloration due to the consumption of staining drinks, side-effects from certain antibiotics or root canals.
    • Chips and breaks that change the appearance, size or shape of your teeth.
    • Serious decay that required a large filling or caused tooth damage.


    This cosmetic option takes an appointment longer than teeth-whitening, but can improve your smile for many years to come!


    A woman patient that is being shown all the different shades of porcelain veneers she can have on her teeth.

    Dental Checkups and Exams

    Want to improve your smile, but you don’t necessarily want cosmetic dentistry services? A good tip is to stick with your biannual exams and to follow the oral health instructions we give you. The American Dental Association recommends that every patient visit the dentist at least twice a year for comprehensive exams and dental cleanings. However, 65% or less of Americans actually visit the dentist each year, and many only visit the dentist once. That’s part of the reason why tooth decay and gum disease are the most chronic diseases in the country.


    Both of these conditions can destroy your smile over time, many times without you realizing it until it is too late. Tooth decay is the decay of your teeth due to sugars, your mouth bacteria and poor oral hygiene. That decay can’t be fixed, but only removed. Gum disease is when your gums become red, swollen, inflamed, and they bleed easily and recede. Both issues are caused the same way and are usually present together.


    However, going to your dental cleanings and comprehensive exam appointments can detect these issues in their infancy. With that detection, we remove or help reverse the small issue so you never deal with the major ones that would destroy your smile. To have your exam and cleaning, or to see what cosmetic dentistry services can improve your smile, call Dr. Evanson’s office today at (720) 409-0008!

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