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    How to Handle Dental Emergencies While Traveling for the Holidays

    Mal de Dent SeniorDo you have plans to travel for the holidays? You expect to have a wonderful time with family and friends, but what if you develop a toothache or lose a filling while away from home? Follow this advice from Dr. Evanson for handling dental emergencies while traveling for the holidays.

    Preventing Dental Emergencies While Traveling

    With a little preparation, you may be able to avoid dental emergencies altogether. Here’s what we suggest:

    • Schedule a dentist appointment before your trip: This is especially important if you’ll be traveling to a developing area that lacks good dental care options. Make sure you take care of any tooth pain that has been bothering you before you leave on your trip.
    • Be wise during your travels: Don’t do anything that could lead to dental problems, such as chewing ice or using your teeth as tools.

    Preparing for a Dental Emergency

    Even with sensible preparation, it’s still possible to experience dental emergencies while traveling. The best thing to do is mitigate potential damage with these pointers:

    • Get travel insurance with dental coverage: Since your regular dental insurance might not cover a trip to an out-of-state dentist, you may decide to get travel insurance with dental coverage for peace of mind. This helps pay for everything required to perform emergency dental care, including prescription medication, anesthesia, and X-rays.
    • Know what to bring: Include a few items in your luggage to help you prepare for a dental emergency while away from home. Clove oil is a natural pain reliever you can apply directly to a sore tooth. Dental wax can reduce pain caused by a broken or bent orthodontic wire. Your dentist’s contact information could prove invaluable if you have an urgent question during your trip.
    • Know where you’ll go: There’s no guarantee that your dentist knows a fellow practitioner in the state you’re traveling to, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for a recommendation. If you’re visiting relatives, you can also plan to visit their family dentist if you have an emergency.

    Dealing with Dental Emergencies While Traveling

    Before you call your dentist in a panic, try these tips to deal with dental emergencies:

    • Toothache: Rinse with warm water. Floss gently to remove debris from between your teeth that could be contributing to your pain. Avoid placing aspirin or other painkillers near the aching tooth because this could damage your gums. If the pain persists, contact a dentist near you.
    • Broken or cracked tooth: Rinse with warm water to clean the area. Apply a cold compress to your cheek to help control the swelling. Contact a dentist for further assistance.
    • Knocked out tooth: Place a gauze pad over the empty socket and bite down to stop the bleeding. Rinse the knocked out tooth with warm water or milk, but don’t scrub it. Place the tooth back in the socket or preserve it in a container of milk, saltwater, or saline solution. Avoid wrapping the tooth in tissue, which will dry it out and reduce the chance of successful reattachment. Get to a dentist as fast as possible to reattach the tooth.
    • Lost dental filling: Stick a glob of sugarless gum where the filling once was, or use over-the-counter dental cement if you have access to it. Visit a dentist promptly to have a new filling put in.
    • Broken braces: Place a piece of dental wax over the broken wire. If you have easy access to the wire, try pushing it back into place with the eraser end of a pencil. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, visit an orthodontist in your area to have the wire repaired.
    • Tooth abscess: Rinse with salt water (1/4 teaspoon per 4 ounces of water) several times per day to relieve pain and draw puss to the surface of the abscess. See a dentist as soon as possible to prevent complications from developing.

    Emergency Dentist in Parker, Colorado

    If Dr. Evanson is your regular dentist, give us a call during your travels, and we’ll guide you through your dental emergency. On the other hand, if you need emergency dental services while visiting Parker, Colorado, Dr. Evanson can help. Simply call our office at (720) 409-0008 or contact us online for answers to your questions!

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