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    Restore Your Tooth With A CEREC Same-Day Dental Crown

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    For patients who need to restore a damaged tooth to its former glory, CEREC same-day dental crowns are a great way to improve the look of your smile in one day. CEREC dental crowns are created in-office with high-tech equipment that takes one visit to complete and insert, meaning no extra injections or temporary crowns. These crowns provide the same stability and strength that a real tooth normally provides and lasts for years. Find out what to expect during a CEREC same-day dental crown appointment and how it can transform your oral health with this guide!

    How Does CEREC Work In Dentistry?

    As modern technology has advanced, so has the type of tools that are used in dentistry to fix oral health problems. One of the most innovative tools that dentists currently use is CEREC, which makes tooth restoration easier, more accurate and convenient. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramic, and it’s a system that uses computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to create functional dental restorations in-office so that patients can walk out with their new teeth that same day. While CEREC is often used for dental crowns, it can also be used to fabricate dentures, dental implants, veneers and inlays/onlays. For the purpose of this article, though, we’ll describe how CEREC is used to create same-day dental crowns. Dental crowns are typically recommended if you have a cracked tooth, a tooth damaged by decay, teeth with large fillings, misshapen/discolored teeth or to cover a dental implant and/or teeth treated with a root canal. Dental crowns are typically made from ceramic, porcelain, resin or metal, but CEREC dental crowns are almost always made from ceramic. CEREC dental crowns provide the same stability as a normal tooth does, plus it looks and feels like one, too. CEREC crowns offer long-term stability, which means no more expensive trips to the dentist for repairs or other restorations. 

    Advantages of A CEREC Dental Crown

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    The advantage of receiving a CEREC dental crown over a normal crown is that you get the crown placed in the same visit that it’s created. Using CEREC technology and equipment, a camera is used to take a digital image of the area that is being treated. From there, the dental prosthesis is created on the computer as a 3D model, which will then be used to fabricate the restoration by milling it from a ceramic block. Once this process is completed, the CEREC dental crown is inserted into your mouth and you’re good to go. All of this is done during one appointment, whereas other dental crowns typically take multiple visits for creation and insertion. Since the crown is inserted on the same day, there is no need for a temporary crown to be placed, either, so you’ll have the stability of a permanent crown without having to go through the process of a flimsy, temporary one first. There’s no need to use messy impression materials, either, since the camera takes a digital impression of your tooth. This means you don’t have to have slimy material in your mouth to get an impression of your tooth-the camera will just take a picture and you’re done! 

    Tips For Taking Care of Your New Crown

    CEREC same-day dental crowns can last for years if you take care of them. Although the dental crown itself can’t decay, the tooth it’s covering and those adjacent to it can. Tooth decay develops from insufficient brushing and flossing, and it can be easily avoided. To keep your dental crown in the correct position and avoid painful alterations and treatment, make sure that you regularly brush and floss your teeth each day. While seemingly insignificant, this process will remove decay-causing plaque and bacteria that sticks to our teeth from the foods we eat. CEREC dental crowns, just like other crowns, can break if you chew on hard food or items (like pencils), so avoid these things at all costs. You should also meet with your dentist for regular teeth cleanings, as well, so that any plaque that has built up around your dental crown can be removed. These cleanings keep all of your teeth in tip-top shape and allow the dentist to identify any oral health problems that may be developing. These rules should be followed even if you don’t have a dental crown as they all contribute to a healthy, happy smile. While your dental crown should last you for years, evaluate it every so often for signs of damage, like a crack or broken piece. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, meet with your dentist as soon as you can so that your crown can be fixed or replaced. 

    Improve The Look of Your Smile With Our Help!

    If you’re having problems with a broken, discolored or damaged tooth, Dr. Evanson and her staff can help! Our office utilizes CEREC technology and equipment to fabricate same-day dental crowns that will improve the look of your smile in one visit. If you’re ready to update your smile, call our office at (720) 409-0008 to schedule a consultation. Don’t let a damaged smile get you down-call today to smile with confidence again!

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