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    Say Thanks to Your Dental Hygienist During National Dental Hygienist Week!

    Say Thanks to Your Dental Hygienist During National Dental Hygienist Week!

    In celebration of National Dental Hygienist Week, April 7 – April 14, take the time to thank your professional dental hygienist at the office of Dr. Angela S. Evanson, DDS.


    Dental hygienists are occasionally referred to as the backbone of a successful dentist’s office, since they are an integral part of any dental team. Dr. Evanson would be the first to tell you that she is more effective when surrounded by a qualified team of dental hygienists, and no doubt your experience wouldn’t be the same without them.


    What Does Your Dental Hygienist Do to Keep Dr. Evanson’s Office Running Smoothly?

    A big portion of your dental appointment time is spent with your dental hygienist under the direction and supervision of Dr. Evanson. Screenings, x-rays, cleanings, and many other tasks contribute in a positive way for your oral health.


    Following is What a Dental Hygienist Does Every Day:


    • Perform a preliminary exam on each new dental patient. When you come in for your appointment, you first discuss your dental and medical history with a skilled dental hygienist. This ensures that the dentist is aware of any health issues or concerns that may impact your dental treatment.


    • Take dental x-rays and develop them. Your dental hygienist will take x-rays of your teeth so that Dr. Evanson gets an inside look at the health of your teeth and jaw.


    • Clean and remove stains, plaque, and tartar from teeth. Dental hygienists professionally clean your teeth, ensuring that plaque is removed from the surface of your teeth. During a cleaning or exam, it’s easy for the highly trained dental hygienists to spot signs of oral cancer, new cavities, receding gums, and even signs of anemia or other medical problems. Catching these problems as early as possible can lower your risk of more extensive problems if left untreated.


    • After cleaning your teeth your dental hygienist communicates the findings to Dr. Evanson where she reviews your information and performs a comprehensive exam to see if there are any signs of decay or gingivitis. If an issue is detected, Dr. Evanson will recommend a custom treatment plan to address the concerns and get your teeth and gums into the best shape possible.


    • Apply preventative materials. Under the direction of Dr. Evanson, your dental hygienist may apply preventative materials, such as fluoride treatments or sealants. At times, a dental hygienist may also recommend oral care products, like toothbrushes or toothpaste, that suit your particular needs.


    • Educate patients in proper oral care. Your dental hygienist concludes by educating you on how to care for your teeth and gums with good oral hygiene, including proper brushing and flossing, along with proper nutrition.


    • Documents treatment plans. Your dental hygienist documents important information about your appointment in anticipation of your return visit in 6 months.


    Make Your Dental Hygiene Appointment Today

    Teeth cleaning removes the bacteria that cause plaque. Even with great dental care at home, it’s inevitable that some plaque will form before your next appointment. The longer plaque remains, the more it will calcify onto your teeth and you won’t be able to remove it yourself, which requires the special tools and skills of your dental hygienist.


    Regular visits with Dr. Evanson and her team of dental hygienists twice a year can keep plaque and other issues with your teeth and gums at bay.


    If you haven’t made professional teeth cleaning a priority, it’s not too late. Schedule an appointment by calling our office at (720) 409-0008 or contact us online and get your mouth back on track. While you’re at it, take a moment to thank your dental hygienist for all that they do!

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