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    The Importance of Back-To-School Dental Checkups

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    As the school year begins, it’s important that kids and teenagers have their regular back-to-school dental checkup. Even if their teeth seem otherwise healthy, a dental checkup allows the dentist to monitor their teeth development, provide a thorough cleaning to combat decay and apply dental sealants to protect their teeth from cavities. Dental checkups will help your kid start the school year off right and give you the peace of mind that their oral health is good. Find out what to expect during a back-to-school dental checkup and how it can improve your child’s oral health with this guide!

    Why Back-To-School Dental Checkups Are Important

    As kids start going back to school in a few weeks, they’ll be faced with new classes, new teachers and new opportunities for sneaky tooth decay to develop. With school lunches, vending machine snacks and busy schedules that distract kids from brushing their teeth, cavities start to become common among many school children. To give kids their best chance at excelling in school and with their oral health, make sure to schedule them a dental checkup so that their teeth can be clean and fresh for the new school year. 

    There are many reasons why dental checkups are good for kids, other than the fact that their teeth will be cleaned of plaque and enamel-eating bacteria. For starters, parents show their children that they should value their oral health as they regularly take them to the dentist. Children who visit the dentist early on in their lives have a greater chance of developing a good attitude about dentists and dental care in the future. Secondly, dental checkups help dentists identify oral health problems early on in a child’s life, allowing your little one to receive the proper care and treatment that they need for a healthy smile. Tooth decay can occur silently in children and worsens when not treated. Dental checkups prevent this from happening and protect the health and structure of teeth with the help of a dentist. Lastly, parents benefit from taking their kids to the dentist as it informs them about the practices that they should be teaching their children at home and gives them the opportunity to ask dental providers advice for treating certain conditions. These and many other reasons support the fact that children who visit the dentist often have better oral health than those who do not.

    Questions You Should Ask The Dentist

    Even if you’ve taken your child to the dentist before, there are a few questions that you should consistently ask to make sure that your child has the best experience possible. After their exam, make sure to ask the dentist about your child’s overall dental health and what he/she has discovered, if anything. Dentists should check the teeth and how they line up plus identify any bite and orthodontic issues. You should also ask the dentist whether or not your child will be getting their teeth cleaned and encourage them to do so. Even if your child has great oral hygiene habits, brushing alone can’t get rid of the cavity-causing bacteria in their mouth. A dental checkup is the perfect opportunity to have them get a teeth cleaning that will protect them against cavities. Additionally, ask if your child is due for dental X-rays during their back-to-school checkup and when they should get them. X-rays help identify tooth decay between teeth and any orthodontic problems that have unknowingly been developing. Your child won’t need X-rays done at each checkup, but it’s still good to clarify in case it’s been awhile.

    What Is Included In The Dental Checkup

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    Dental checkups are nothing that kids should be afraid about, but they oftentimes are. As a parent, help your child understand the importance of regular dental checkups and how they help keep teeth healthy and strong. For anxious kids, try explaining to them what all they will be doing during their appointment so that they feel more at ease. Most kids will receive preventative care in the form of teeth cleanings with a metal scaler and mirror, fluoride treatments and dental sealants. Metal scalers are used to scrape hardened plaque off of teeth to keep decay from developing. Although they may sound scary, dental hygienists are trained extensively to use scalers so that your child can receive the care they need and be comfortable at the same time. Fluoride treatments come as a solution, gel or foam that is brushed over the teeth or inserted into a tray that is held in the mouth for a few minutes. Fluoride is essential in safeguarding teeth against cavities and strengthening tooth enamel. Dental sealants are normally applied on the back molars of kids’ teeth to prevent decay from building up in the small pits that sit on top of them, keeping cavities at bay. Even adults can receive dental sealants, but it is recommended that patients get them earlier on in life rather than waiting until adulthood. 

    If the dentist finds a cavity during the appointment, he/she will recommend fixing it with a filling. These can be performed with a laser, making the experience practically painless and injection-free. If you think that your child’s teeth are ready for braces, your dentist can also perform an orthodontic evaluation at this time and refer them to an orthodontic office for further care.

    Prepare To Go Back To School With Our Help!

    If you haven’t scheduled your child’s back-to-school dental checkup yet, call Dr. Evanson at (720) 409-0008! At our office, you will experience all that modern dentistry has to offer and your child will receive the best dental care available. Whether they need a cleaning or filling, we can fulfill your child’s oral health needs at an affordable price. Schedule an appointment today so that your family can be prepared for the new school year!

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