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    What Are You Doing to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

    What Are You Doing to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

    Most of us remember the excitement of losing a tooth and waking up to find a gift from the tooth fairy under your pillow. National Tooth Fairy Day is August 22. This can be the time for you to relive the fun and folklore you enjoyed as a child and it also provides an opportunity to talk to your child about how to properly care for their teeth.

    What If There is Tooth Pain Associated with Losing a Tooth?

    Losing a tooth is a natural process for young children, but they can be afraid of it, especially if there is pain associated with a loose tooth. The tooth fairy has a way of diminishing the fear.

    Although losing baby teeth is typically painless, the edge of a baby tooth can cut into your child’s gums, or double back against the inside of his mouth. If this happens, help wiggle the tooth more vigorously. 

    During the process of losing teeth, permanent teeth are coming in and the gums can be swollen and sore. Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or topical analgesics can help ease the discomfort, much like when babies are teething.

    Is it Okay for Me to Pull Out a Loose Tooth?

    Loose teeth can sometimes hang on for weeks. You can encourage your child to wiggle the tooth to move it along. If it’s really loose, you can take a tissue and try to rotate the tooth. If there’s no root left, it can easily be pulled. Never tie it to a string and yank it out; if the root is only half dissolved, it could break and become infected.

    Be Creative and Adventurous When Your Child Loses a Tooth!

    Losing a tooth is an important day for young children. Celebrate this milestone and rite of passage and make this day memorable for them! Some ways to celebrate:

    • Lost Tooth Certificates are a fun way to show off this monumental time.  Start your own “Lost Tooth Club”.
    • This door hanger will notify the tooth fairy that there is a tooth under your child’s pillow.
    • Print a “receipt” for the tooth that the tooth fairy picks up. The tooth fairy can leave a personalized note to your child to encourage him or her to care for their teeth.
    • Be sure to take a picture! The toothless grin will not last forever, and you have to capture the moment for posterity.
    • Create a lost tooth journal to chronicle all of the lost teeth throughout the years!


    What if Your Child’s Teeth Don’t Fall Out?

     If your child has not lost any teeth by the time he or she turns seven, call Dr. Angela S. Evanson, DDS at (720) 409-0008 or contact us online to make an appointment. Although you may feel concerned about the baby teeth hanging on, there is actually an advantage to getting permanent teeth later. Teeth will be harder as they remain in the jaw longer, which makes them more resistant to cavities. Dr. Evanson will check your child’s teeth to know why they are hanging on. She is especially skilled in caring for your children’s dental needs as she completed a pediatric mini-residency at the University of the Pacific Dental School.

    Rumor has it that Dr. Evanson and the Tooth Fairy work hand in hand to care for children’s teeth. Her Parker office is also convenient for children and families living in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Castle Rock and Lone Tree.

    Although the tooth fairy is a mythical person, she has helped children celebrate the loss of their baby teeth for hundreds of years, and will add a touch of magic to the loss of your child’s teeth!

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