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    Why Choose Dental Implants?

    dental implants

    At Evanson DDS, we want all of our patients to have healthy, beautiful teeth. However, oral health issues such as gum disease or tooth decay sometimes make implants a necessity. Dental implants are customized implant teeth that take the place of missing teeth. An implant can strengthen and fortify the area that lost a tooth and can last for many years. The best part is that an implant looks just like your natural tooth and blends right in with your smile. Learn why implants are sometimes necessary and what the process of receiving one is like.

    Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

    One of the main features that attracts patients to dental implants is that they are positioned, surgically, under your gums into the jawbone offering maximum stability and invisibility; they function and look just like your natural teeth.

    No Shifting In Your Mouth

    Dental implants fuse to your jawbone giving a strong, fixed base for artificial teeth. If you are need of denture or bridges, they can be mounted to implants so you don’t have to worry about them moving around when you speak or eat. Individual crowns placed over implants give you the look and feel incomparable to traditional dentures and bridges.

    More Comfort and Less Impact on Adjacent Teeth

    Traditional bridges and dentures can create sore spots and uncomfortable ridges that some patients can simply not tolerate.

    Also, to prepare for traditional bridges the dentist has to adjust the height of adjacent teeth, grinding down the tooth enamel to prepare for mounting the bridge.  You retain all of your tooth enamel with dental implants.

    Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

    Unfortunately, not everyone can receive dental implants. For dental implants to stay secure, you have to have healthy gum tissue and enough bone to support the implant.  Patients suffering from severe gingivitis struggle to have the quality gum tissue and bone density for implants to succeed.

    Going forward, patients that choose to have dental implants have to commit to excellent oral hygiene so that gum tissue and bone structures remain strong. These factors are essential for long-term success with dental implants.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

    As with any dental procedure, there are always questions to ask to ensure that the procedure is for you.  Dr. Evanson will discuss your case, the pros and cons of dental implants, and whether or not you are candidate during your dental implants consultation.  

    Here are some commonly asked questions and the answers about dental implants:  

    • Does the body ever reject a dental implant?  The chances of this occurring are extremely low.  According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, dental implants have a success rate of 98%.
    • Does a dental implant look different than my other teeth? No. During your dental implant consultation, Dr. Evanson color matches the shape and tone of your teeth with the implant so you get that seamless look.  The only time a dental implant will appear distinct than other teeth is on a radiograph (x-ray).
    • How long will my dental implants last?  Practice your excellent oral hygiene efforts and your dental implants can last a lifetime.  Guidelines and suggestions for caring for your teeth based on your particular needs, genetic predispositions, history and nutritional habits will help prepare you for success.
    • When should you get a dental implant? As soon as you lose a tooth you should be contacting to make appointment to discuss your options. The longer you wait, the harder it could be for you to have a successful implant procedure. Over time, the bone wears down and decays, weakening the structure the dental implant has to join.  Some patients may require bone grafts before they can undergo placement of a dental implant.
    • What is the recovery time after having a dental implant placed? Whether or not you need to take off time after your surgery will depend, largely, on your individual experience and the surgery process.  The majority of patients are able to return to work the day after surgery.  
    • Will smoking affect how long my dental implants will last?  If you want to look at numbers, dental implants in patients that smoke are four times as likely to fail than in patients who don’t smoke. Smoking adversely affects your teeth in many ways and damages finite structures inside your mouth.  Smoking leads to gum recession and disease weakening the implant structure overtime.

    Call for a Dental Implant Consultation

    The dental implants team at Evanson DDS has many years of training and real-world experience with dental implants. When you meet with Dr. Evanson, she will take the time to explain the implant process and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.   She will also discuss with you all possible alternative treatments, such as partial dentures, full dentures, and dental bridges.

    Dr. Evanson is a family dentist in Parker, Colorado, with convenient access to the communities of Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Castle Rock and Lone Tree.  Evanson DDS offers state-of-the-art family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Call (720) 409-0008 to schedule your appointment today!

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