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    Why More and More Adults are Getting Braces

    Braces aren’t just seen on kids and teens these days. In this modern era of ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign, adults have more choices now than ever before to get their perfect smile. If you want to straighten you teeth after age 18, you’re not alone; about one million adult Americans and Canadians currently wear braces, according to the Academy of General Dentistry.

    Depending on your situation, Dr. Evanson may be able to treat you in our office. Other times, we’ll refer you to an orthodontic specialist to receive treatment. Either way, here are four reasons why more and more adults are choosing to have braces, as well as three of the most popular types of braces adults can choose today. 

    Get a Confidence Boost

    One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, it reflects in the way you present yourself to your friends, family and new acquaintances. If crooked teeth are keeping you from living life to the fullest, now’s the time to start treatment.

    Prevent or Fix Oral Health Problems

    If you have misaligned teeth or an improper bite, you’re more likely to have TMJ (jaw joint) problems, headaches and earaches. Overcrowded teeth are also more difficult to clean, which increases your chance of tooth decay and cavities. Even small gaps between your teeth are detrimental because they leave your gums exposed, upping the risk for periodontal disease. Straightening your teeth can fix painful problems like TMJ and prevent the onset of unpleasant oral diseases.

    Take Advantage of Financing Options

    Perhaps you were unable to get braces as a teen because your parents couldn’t afford it. Today, insurance coverage and flexible payment plans from your orthodontist make it easier to afford braces.

    Enjoy More Discreet Teeth-Straightening Options

    When you were a kid, metal braces were the only option. Orthodontic treatments have evolved, giving you more options than ever before. This means you can avoid the embarrassment of being a “metal mouth” for a few months as your teeth straighten.

    Popular Choices for Adult Braces

    Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces

    Sometimes called “clear braces,” ceramic braces are an enamel-colored solution that blends in with your teeth. This makes them much less conspicuous than metal braces, especially from a distance. This could be the solution you’ve been waiting for! Orthodontists offer several types of ceramic braces with brackets colored to correspond with your desired aesthetic. Then white-coated wires allow your braces to blend in even better with your teeth than regular silver wires.

    Lingual Braces

    Lingual braces

    This orthodontic solution is truly invisible because lingual braces are applied to the inside of your teeth. Your friends will marvel at your seemingly self-straightening teeth as the braces do their job completely out of sight. Your orthodontist will work with you to customize your lingual braces and make sure they coincide with your lifestyle, aesthetic concerns and teeth-straightening requirements.



    This futuristic take on braces removes wires and brackets altogether. Invisalign treatment is comprised of several sets of removable aligners, which you wear over your teeth. The thin, clear yet durable plastic aligners gradually shift your teeth into their new position. You trade out the aligners every two weeks until treatment is complete, which typically takes six to nine months for adults.

    Are you excited by the idea of achieving your perfect smile? It’s never too late to get braces, but the faster you act, the sooner your treatment will leave you smiling with renewed confidence. For more information about braces for adults, please contact Evanson DDS online or call us at (720) 409-0008 and schedule your first consultation.

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